Letter: Hearsay replacing reasoned opinions

Mr. Ficken, how should your viewpoint or opinion be classified? Is there some place special where they should reside as well? Your generalizations are nothing more than hyperbolically regurgitated information i.e. Europe Missile Defense System, perhaps you should check out www.carnegieendowment.org to gain a nonpartisan perspective.
As for Michelle Hale, she never referred to Obama as her hero, you did! I want to make one thing clear: I am a patriotic American. I know Michelle to be and can only assume you are. I assume because of our patriotism we all wish the best for our country. However, there was an election and your side lost fair and square. Unlike 2000 when the candidate with the most votes did not become president. Both Republican and Democratic administrations have implemented reforms and regulations in reaction to changed circumstances. You seem to have no desire to add any ideas or cooperation as to how to make America stronger for the 21st century. Michelle made an observation, a relevant one, it seems reasonable to believe your harsh reaction was because the observation had truth. The president has reached out to Republicans on several occasions, yet many folks like yourself reject him out of hand. Being a party of “no” and screaming “you lie” is a sad commentary for what was a great American political party. Why should you respect the president? Because, he is optimistic about America’s future, is a strong leader willing to confront challenges, is open to contributions from all sides but is impatient with political game playing, is intelligent and inquisitive. In short, he is everything the previous president was not!
Kerry Conrado

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