Letter: Hot rod drivers seemed in control

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I wanted to write in response to last week’s rant on the parade from Earl. Yes, there could have been an accident. Every day, in any given place, there can be an accident. If we all lived in fear of what could happen, we’d never leave our homes. Although accidents happen there too. The men driving the cars doing the burn-outs seemed perfectly in control. I heard whistles, hootin’ and hollerin’ all along the street. That tells me that the majority of people present enjoyed the burnouts of the classic cars. I know my daughter, grandson (7 years old) and I sure did. I guess some people just aren’t happy unless they can complain about something. I hope there are more classics and hot rods next year. And I certainly want to hear ‘em do those burnouts! Good job, Meeker, on the Independence Day celebration and the parade. Thank you.
Dora Dunton