Letter: Illegal immigration is just that … illegal

Ms. Frijole-Barreno did just exactly what I expected. My comments regarding my love of America, its freedoms, liberties and Constitution, and the violation thereof by the radical liberal mind set of our present administration, and those who voted for it, were negated without investigation. I then was made out to be a racist and minority basher. Should you take the time to know me, you would find me to the be the antithesis of a racist. I just believe immigrants should be legal. Why is the rule of law and right and wrong subject to interpretation, personality or circumstance? Ms. Frijole-Barreno believes we have turned from a country of principles and laws to a lukewarm mush of don’t care about the results or impact, situational ethics, and if you can get away with it, do it, ideologies and actions.
Illegal immigration is just that — illegal — and it cannot be tolerated. That brings me to the answer of her and Josh (Halstead’s) question of, “What is up?” Here is what is up because of illegal immigration. Drug mules crossing the border are up. The cost of border patrol is up. The number of illegal immigrants arrested, tying up and straining our court system is up. The cost of prisons and personnel to house them is up. The cost of health care for U.S. citizens is up. The cost of free health care to illegals is up — way up. Businesses and homeowners trying to defend their own property from illegals and are punished, sued and lose to illegals is up. And finally, Ms. Frijole-Barreno, the number of U.S. citizens who are sick and tired of the problems caused by illegal immigrants and the cost to all of us is up. In fact, we have all had it, up to our eyeballs.
Del Turner

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