Letter: Keep Kacey Pozorski in your prayers

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I am sure most know what is going on with my granddaughter Kacey. She has been diagnosed with a rare form of tumor. She is an amazing, strong-willed, confident and beautiful red-head.
She just turned 4 on Feb. 9. Her favorite theme is Tinker Bell, at least for the time being.
She has a mommy and a daddy who adore her and they both work very hard to make her life happy. When she walks in the room you can only smile because she is so cute.
I am asking that the town of Meeker and all our loved ones keep her beautiful face in your prayers and in your heart. I am also asking that anyone who sees her has nothing but a positive smile for her and her parents, grandparents, auntie, uncles and cousin.
We have a very strong faith in the God whom we know and trust, please let us use that to our advantage and leave the negativity out.
We are all so thankful for the support of a town that we are fairly new to. It has been a wonderful and positive move for all of us. Meeker and all that it has to offer has been a true blessing.
Meeker Methodist Church and Pastor Johnny have always been our rock to stand on and we have been blessed by this congregation. Please continue to show my children and grandchild that encouragement and love that they felt even during their stay in Denver. Our God will be there for all of us.
Cindy Nelson