Letter: Kelley outlines values

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Dear Editor:

Listening to county residents about how our county government can better support and improve their lives is a primary concern of my campaign and will be a primary tenet of my public service if I am elected one of your county commissioners. Within the limits of our financial resources, what is our tax-supported government for if not this?

Other values which will guide me include protecting our water resources by working to secure a healthy White River and fighting to keep our water in our valley; working with others to strengthen our local economy through homegrown endeavor and gumption, while continuing the legacy of oil, gas and coal production; leveraging state and federal resources to our benefit; promoting tourism including our tremendous fish and wildlife resources; protecting and promoting the continuation of agricultural production; investing in our kids’ education; and keeping the multiple-use of our public lands in place. Furthermore, striving to keep in place the provision of quality healthcare access in our two communities is critically important. It’s important to our economic well-being as well as personal health.

Also included in my considerations are the need for constant attention to sound fiscal management with transparency and helpful communication with county citizens. A part of this is the fair treatment of all residents as well as county employees.

As I encounter folks on the “campaign trail,” I urge them to consider their county services and procedures, and to call me with any concerns or good ideas they have about our county government. My phone number is 970-942-8104 or you can email me at kelleyforrioblancocounty@gmail.com.

Thank you for your consideration. I will appreciate your vote when the vote-by-mail ballots go out in about three weeks.


Reed Kelley

Independent Candidate for Rio Blanco County Commissioner