Letter: Liberal opinions belong elsewhere

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I am very much in agreement with Brandy Giao that Michelle Hale has been getting way too much ink in the Herald Times.
Her liberal opinions would be much better served on the Huffington Post or Daily Kos.
I note in her last letter, she is upset that some of us do not want this Fascist/Socialist president talking to our kids and grandkids in school. It is also really ironic she has the nerve to call this community organizer a constitutional lawyer, when Obama would not know the Constitution if it bit him on the rear!
Then, of course, like most liberals, including former President Carter, it must be about race, when the liberals are the real racists!
Please, Ms. Hale, quit “preaching” your liberal hate and just take a closer look at how your hero Obama is trying to destroy America. He is trying to have government take over of the health care system, auto industry, financial systems and wants to raise taxes on the middle class with “Cap and Trade.”
His latest debacle is to abandon the Europe missile defense system, so we will no longer be as safe as we were under your hated President Bush.
Yes, I do not want him preaching in school!
Ronald Ficken