Letter: Meeker FCCLA club seeks new members

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I would first like to thank the community for its support of our FCCLA chapter. Many of you might not know what the FCCLA chapter is, or might not know what our goals are. FCCLA stands for Family Career and Community Leaders of America. We believe our chapter is helpful in many ways. The goals of our chapter include giving back to the community and preparing us for life after high school. Each year, we participate in many community service activities. Some of the activities include decorating wreaths at the Walbridge Wing and decorating turkey hands with the preschool. These community service activities have taught us how to work with many different people. We are also involved in fundraising activities to benefit our chapter, such as selling peaches and selling soda and water at the fall festival. We also helped serve dinner at the “Meeker’s Got Talent” dinner. If you are curious as to where all this money is going, each year we participate in a state competition against many other schools. We present our “star events,” which include projects we have worked on throughout the year. Our projects cover a wide variety of subjects such as interior design, recycle, redesign and scrap booking. These projects include individual as well as group projects. At competition, projects in each category of events have a chance of placing gold, silver or bronze.
I would again like to express our gratitude to the community for supporting our FCCLA chapter. Students, think about your future and join FCCLA.
Amber Nelson