Letter: Meeker Library is spoiling local patrons

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Earlier this year while knocking around the downtown area of a much larger area city (which will go unnamed as I enjoy the restaurants and don’t wish to have ground glass mixed in my pasta), Cindy and I discovered what we thought was a branch library. I mean it had all the markings of a big-town branchs — small, limited selections, and a reading room as cramped as a rugby scrum.
I approached two ladies behind the circulation desk and cheerfully asked, “We’re visiting from Meeker, where’s your main library?” I shouldn’t have done that.
Lady to my left took a countenance that looked as if a mug of Pepto-Bismol might be in order. Rather frostily she answered, “This is the main library.” Uh-oh …
Lady to my right perked up and chirped, “Meeker … you’ve been spoiled by that beautiful new library!” Lady to my left now looked as if two mugs might not do the trick.
I agreed that indeed we do have a magnificent library, then slowly backed away. Although lady on my right was smiling brightly, lady to my left was showing plenty of teeth, but none dare call it smiling.
Yes, we do have a magnificent library staffed by wonderful, dedicated folks. If you haven’t had the chance to visit the Meeker Library, do so. If you’re like me and enjoy being spoiled, you’ll find yourself there a lot!
Steve Balloga