Letter: Meeker town trustees oppose ballot items

On Oct. 5, the Board of Trustees for the town of Meeker passed a resolution in opposition to Amendment 60, Amendment 61 and Proposition 101. While it seems obvious that government would be opposed to any decrease in taxes, there is much more at stake if any of these three ballot measures pass. As the resolution states, Am. 60, Am. 61 and Prop. 101 will dramatically cut the financial resources and financing options available to the town and will cost Colorado thousands of jobs, including construction, transportation, health care and education. The resolution goes on to say that a strong and vibrant economy depends primarily on a solid infrastructure of services, including a well-educated work force, quality schools, well maintained streets, water systems and other services, all of which will be in jeopardy or eliminated by these drastic initiatives.
In a time when lower taxes are appealing to all voters, I hope that you will look beyond the generalization of big government and see exactly what you receive for your money. Your local government is very fiscally responsible with tax dollars and uses them to provide the community with appropriate services including paved streets, clean water, police protection, snow plowing, beautiful parks, animal services, a recycling center and more.
If you are interested in curtailing government spending, attend a public meeting, take a look at the local budget or simply talk to your elected officials — they determine how your dollars are spent.
Please do not penalize your community and your state for what is considered irresponsible behavior on a federal level. Talk to your legislators and have them work for you instead of blindly amending our state constitution. Remember to vote on Nov. 2.
Mandi Etheridge
Mayor, town of Meeker