Letter: Midterm election among most vital

Mail-in ballots are going out soon here in Meeker. People are preparing to vote all over our nation. I view this election as one of the most critical, perhaps the most important in the history of our country. The super-majority the Democrats won in the last election allowed the passage of legislation damaging to our country for many generations. We, as a nation, are nearly bankrupt. Spending must stop for all but the most essential programs. Unfortunately, that won’t be nearly enough. Extreme and unpopular measures must be undertaken in the future if our country is to survive.
We must return to the federal government pictured by the writers of the Constitution, that being a government limited to the specific duties outlined in the Constitution. Rights taken away over the years should be returned. Many odious regulations must be repealed. Agencies not essential to minimum federal functions must be abolished.
If these goals are to be met, the federal government must be filled with fresh faces. Arrogant politicians must be shifted into other occupations.
If you agree with these statements, call, mail, or e-mail friends and pass the message on. Hopefully, you will vote and support the only conservative choice we have, that being Republican candidates. When they are elected, we have the chore of making sure they follow a true conservative agenda.
Dick Prosence