Letter: Moyer for commissioner

Dear Editor:

I would just like to say, while Mike Hoke is a very well thought of person with great integrity. I believe Gary Moyer is the man most qualified to be our next commissioner. Gary brings to the table over 40 years of being in business in Rio Blanco County. He’s been through all the ups and downs, he’s invested his money, Borrowed money, made payrolls and employed our friends and our kids through the good times and bad times with his two successful businesses. I know both individuals have offered their valuable time and have served on many boards, committees, and organizations but again Gary has served on many boards that have required him to travel to Denver many times and even Washington, again making him, I believe more qualified for the position. He is so aware that so much of our county is owned by the federal govt and knows how complicated and tricky that relationship can be but also how valuable it is to our county.

Dave Stewart