Letter: Moyer’s position remains consistent

Dear Editor:
As many of you are now aware, an unaffiliated candidate will be opposing me on the November general election ballot. Therefore, it may be necessary to reassure the voters of Rio Blanco County that my following positions have and will remain consistent throughout this campaign and term in office if elected.
– Limited government
– Reduce unnecessary regulation
– Fiscal conservative
– Support strong county representation on Federal land management decisions that are consistent with our local customs and culture
– Protect the water rights under the prior appropriations system
– Support the much-needed water storage in the upper basin as well as on the White River
– Advocate for real multiple use of our federal lands “energy extraction, grazing, timber harvesting, recreation”
– Protect not only the legacy of the energy industry in our county, but also its future
I support both our schools and hospitals. It must be noted that they each are governed by their own publicly elected board of directors and are not under the jurisdiction of the county commissioners. I have consistently advocated for the positions stated above through my actions representing the landowners of Rio Blanco County at both the state and national levels. These have been my beliefs for my entire adult life and are not new to me. These are heartfelt positions that will not change during or after the election on Nov. 6.
On side note, I was contacted and notified last week that the Herald Times and Meeker High School Student Council will be conducting a candidate forum on Oct. 15. Prior to being notified, I scheduled a routine hip replacement surgery for Oct. 9 and due to the recovery process varying from patient to patient I will be unable to participate. While I appreciate the efforts to reschedule the forum for a later date, I feel that since the ballots will be mailed out the week of Oct. 15 and my recovery time unsure I will not be participating.
As always feel free to reach out to me with suggestions or concerns.
Gary Moyer
Republican Nominee for Rio Blanco County Commissioner