Letter: New hospital would keep Rangely rolling

I would like to address the hospital topic in Rangely. As everyone knows, we enjoy a life of peace in our rural community. There are things that we have to have and a hospital that is capable of meeting the needs of all is a necessity. Just as you check your car before you travel to “the outside world,” this hospital is a new set of tires to keep the community rolling.
In the 10 years that my family and I have lived in Rio Blanco County we have needed the hospital twice, once on each end of the county, and we are very thankful that for, one, the service was available with competent doctors and, two, that the hospitals are working with other hospitals to get the people of our community the help they need.
That being said, the hospital in Rangely is in need of our help now. I have attended one of the town hall meetings that was sponsored by the hospital and have learned of the problems facing them. The building needs much work, and the electrical system is antiquated. In order to grow with the community and be able to offer new services, we all need to vote yes for a new hospital. I have looked at the plans for the new hospital, and we have the opportunity for future growth on the new facility. We will be able to have use of the new facilities for generations to come.
On another note, to all the people that say the hospital is just a “glorified first-aid station” and that they just ship people out, that may be true on some levels, but if you think about it, there is no way our little town could afford to pay for every expert to work here so patients could stay here. That being said, we are extremely lucky that the doctors that we do have here are knowledgeable in many different areas and can help in a lot of instances. They also know their limitations and are willing to do all that is needed to get the patient the help that is needed, no matter where that help may be located.
So regardless of your personal opinion of the hospital, the board, or the employees, I hope that you can see the benefit to the community, put the negative behind you, and vote yes for the new hospital.
We need to look at this new hospital in Rangely as “servicing the vehicle” that allows us all to enjoy our choice of life.
Shayne Armstrong