Letter: Old Glory should be flown with due respect

My name is Ed Ballegeer. I live in Rangely. I’m a 73-year-old vet and a very patriotic American. I fly the American flag all the time, even if it’s a lapel pin on my hat. And I do it with all due respect, in accordance with the rules of when and how to fly the flag.
On Dec. 7, I drove around my town and was sadly disappointed as I viewed flag after flag flying in total disrespect. From private individuals to businesses to local government, not one flag was at half-staff — per government request for Pearl Harbor Day. Not only that, but almost every flag was dirty, torn and sadly in need of some respect.
I did make some calls and the first thing I heard was how costly it was to replace the flag. And I can understand that. However, if you can’t afford to fly Old Glory, with all due respect, then don’t!
If anyone needs a copy of when and how to fly the United States flag, I can furnish it.
With all due respect …
Ed Ballegeer