Letter: Parade organizers should consider safety

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I was appalled when watching the Meeker Fourth of July parade, when these hot rod cars stopped down the street from us, put on the brakes and started spinning their tires at a very high rate of speed, then took off as fast as they could, spinning the tires for several hundred feet. Small children had just been running out to pick up candy and families were sitting on the curb on each side of the street. If one of those drivers had lost control of the vehicle, it could have had a tragic ending, killing several people. This continued up the parade route several times. I cannot believe that the parade organizers and the Meeker police department would allow this to take place. Have they no common sense? At another Fourth parade in Iowa, some horses pulling a carriage got spooked, bolted and ran wild, killing one and injuring 23 others. Those cars spinning their tires could have spooked the horses in our parade as well, again with a tragic ending. It is accident waiting to happen if this continues at our parade. I intend to file a complaint with the Meeker Police Department and the parade organizers.
Earl Scheuer
Cabins On The River