Letter: Piceance Mustangs group encourages dialogue

Dear Editor:

The expansive statistics and detailed history of the land cited in Feb. 22 Letter to the Editor from Marybeth Devlin in Miami include good insights for consideration. Perhaps it will invigorate dialogue among concerned interests.

However, the new Piceance Mustangs group is a volunteer 501(C)3 organization made up diverse citizens from across Colorado and of course Rio Blanco County. As such, the group does not have authority to hold another group or agency accountable.

The 34 charter members include wild horse supporters, ranchers, government employees, and other concerned citizens. Some of us are quiet, some are outspoken, some focus on problems to be overcome while others’ sights are on the solutions. Diversity of thought, philosophy, background, and tradition are welcome in the Piceance Mustangs herd because all of us are traveling in the same direction: to assist in fulfilling BLM’s goal to provide long term maintenance of a viable, healthy wild horse herd on healthy rangelands for the Piceance East-Douglas Horse Management Area.

Like members of a viable healthy wild horse family band, we each have a role to serve in the spirit of cooperation and best interest of all. After all, it’s safest when we go together.

Blaine Scott

Piceance Mustangs