Letter: Proud that Pledge is said every day

I want to give credit for “The Pledge of Allegiance” in pre-school and in my day, kindergarten, to the teachers who are the ones that have taught this patriotic act in years past and present. The VFW has been involved since 1945. Our community is very patriotic and our schools have followed this tradition since then.
Last week’s picture/article seemed to give me credit for many years. This has been a tradition in our schools with “all the teachers” in our schools. I want to, again, thank all the teachers past and present, and a special thanks to Sherry Overton, Molly Theos, Amber Garcia, Kaylene Turner, Shelly Nielsen and Obie Deming. It has been because of dedicated teachers like these that “The Pledge of Allegiance” is said every morning in our elementary, junior high and high school.
I enjoy being involved very much and I will continue to be, even though this year, I saluted 79 times and was saluted back 79 times! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!
In Peace and Patriotism,
Tom Kilduff
Meeker VFW Post 5843