Letter: Proud to be a Boomer

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Dear Editor:

I find it fascinating that Generation Z think they are so knowledgeable to come up with the idea that Boomers are  “Wrecking their futures” with some of the policies and ignorance that goes on in today’s world.” Going by the definition of Generation Z, the oldest this generation can be is 24 – they haven’t begun to live and I’d venture a guess that most of them are still living with their parents or their parents are paying their living expenses in colleges and universities across the country.

I remember being that age and thinking how “worldly” and “smart” I was.  After all, I had been paying my own way for at least four years, I had traveled to 20 U.S. states and seven countries in Europe. I had lived in another state while attending school and working. I owned a vehicle my parents had not bought for me, in fact, they never bought me a vehicle. I knew my parents and their generation were doing the best they could to make our world a better place for me and my generation. I knew I owed them respect for all they had done. I would have never thought of insulting any of them by calling them a derogatory name.

I know my husband and myself have done the best we could to provide for our son and his generation – the Millennials. And I believe their generation are doing the best for the next generation, but it seems that we have reached a generation – Generation Z — that feel so entitled that they appreciate almost nothing.  “Gen Zs are putting their foot down and demanding that they get listened to.”  You know how you get listened to? You get out and vote, you quit throwing tantrums and rioting, you get a real education that will pay your way in this world, you don’t expect free handouts (nothing is free, someone has to pay for it). You move out of your parents house and contribute to society. If you are still in high school, your time will come, but it isn’t now unless you are making a living and providing your own way.

It is time to quit supporting those liberal politicians who want to take your rights away from you until turn 21 or for life. Boomers are fighting for you to keep those rights. We didn’t have school shootings and almost every pickup in the parking lot had a rifle in it. “If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns,” that’s the truth.  Socialism doesn’t work, look at all the countries that have tried and failed. Health care for all doesn’t work, look at all the Canadians that seek health care in the U.S. Socialism creates taxes so high no one wants to work. Parents should have read “The Little Red Hen” more often to the Gen Z crowd and not so much of the Harry Potter tales.

Gen Z wants to ban plastic and support renewable energy in the US, but it is not the US that is creating the world problems with plastics, carbon, fossil fuels, etc. 100% renewable energy will bankrupt any city, state or country that tries to go that route.  But Gen Z doesn’t want to educate themselves about this whole process, instead they want to spew what has been indoctrinated into their naive brains by liberal teachers.

Now I want to clarify, I know not all Gen Z believe the indoctrination but I think any of them that would use “OK, Boomer” would fit the mold.  I know a few high school and college/university students who have shown they can actually think for themselves and show it on a daily basis – I admire and applaud them.

Finally, it doesn’t matter if Gen Z thinks it is derogatory when saying the words, it is how it is perceived by the receiver … there are words that have been dropped from use because of the receiver’s (Italians, Hispanics, Blacks, Native Americans, Whites, etc.) perception.

Cathie Dolan