Letter: Question: What gets in the paper and why?

I submitted a picture and short paragraph about the graduation of my son from the U.S. Marine boot camp. That was over two weeks ago. When I checked the paper Jan. 29, it still had not been printed.
It seems there is plenty of room for more sensational news, the sports section and everything else but no room for a local boy who just spent the last 13 weeks working extremely hard to become a United States Marine.
I also have noticed that the military announcements that do make it into the paper are black and white and given a small space on the back pages of the paper.
Our military past and present are the only thing standing between us and the terrorists who would like to do away with us. They have kept us safe for over 200 years. We would not have a free press and the freedoms we all enjoy if not for them. They do what the rest of us are not willing to do but they are seldom appreciated and are usually taken for granted.
Do I need to pay you to get my son’s graduation announcement printed in your paper?
Lois Sampson
Proud parent of a U.S. Marine