Letter: Rangely voters encouraged to vote

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I just want to encourage any and all who have received ballots but have not voted as of today.
Please get your ballots filled out and mailed or dropped off at Rangely Town Hall to the town clerk.
Everyone has a right to their opinions with regard to each and every candidate running for office. It is my hope that while we can differ on candidates, at the end of the day we all move forward from the election process. I respect difference of opinion.
My hope for our community is to elect people who will work to move us forward in an especially down time with the economy. My hope is for people that are elected to realize they need to truly put forth their best effort to do what is best for the majority of our citizens. The hope is to realize that you do not control, you govern. In order to govern, you must be consistent across the board with implementation of policies. When you hold public office, such as local government, it is important to reach out and get the views of a broad base of individuals. By doing so, you then enable yourself to make the best judgment call possible for the greater good.
This community is a very special community in my mind. As Cecil Lollar once said, “We can have our differences in politics, but when all is said and done we move forward and are friends working for the same common goals for our community.”
To all the candidates, thank you for putting your name out front for mayor and council. Thank you for being willing to serve the greater good. These jobs are not easy and do require lots of time, if one is to truly do a good job.
I would like to also recognize the town employees for the work they do. It is the work these people do that makes the policies adopted by the council really work. Thank you to the town employees for the work you do for our community.
Whatever we do, let us all make this the best community ever. We can, we will, and God willing, we will achieve that goal.
Peg Rector