Letter: Remember, affirm life

Probably since near the dawn of time men who, for whatever reason, were bent on the destruction of their fellow man did so by making them seem, somehow, less than human. It was a tactic used to justify slavery in colonial America and one also employed by Hitler against the Jews. It is a tactic used today against the unborn.
Simply put, it’s a lot easier to do someone in if that someone is somehow, not.
This November we have the opportunity to do away with this murderous thinking via the Colorado Personhood Amendment. By it, we have the opportunity to declare that life begins at conception and that the babe in the womb has as much right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as the next man. We have the opportunity to affirm what common usage and everyone, pro life or not, affirm; for after all when did you ever hear anyone tell you they are having a ‘fetus’?”
Rogers Huck Meredith