Letter: Robert Ormsbee Jr. can inspire youth

Upon reviewing this week’s paper, I was disappointed to see that the article and picture submitted to you by Robert last week was not yet in this one either. I can understand we didn’t get it in time for last weeks’ paper, however I’m not sure as to why it didn’t appear in today’s. This gentleman and soldier is such a positive influence in our society and to our youth. By recognizing him, it shows our youth that they also can aspire to be anything that they want to be, that dreams can and do come true. That they can get out of this area and make something of themselves. A lot of them see a dead-end road. They turn to drugs and alcohol, because in this area … really what avenues do they have? If they see someone, that his/her parents have lived in this community for about 30 years and he has done incredible things with his life, maybe our youth can do something positive with their lives. I hope that Robert and I can continue to share with you, as chief editor, and the community, his continuing accomplishments, which in turn may help bring something positive to our communities, a sense of good in the world, and pay it forward. It is up to each one of us as individuals the paths we take in life. Some of them can be a true challenge. Robert Ormsbee Jr. has never let a challenge stop him, as a soldier first, a father second, and always a kind, compassionate human being who is always ready to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. Robert Ormsbee Jr. is a true modern-day American hero.
Thank you for your time.
Sarah Jones