Letter: Sitting commission incapable

Dear Editor:

I try to provide the best available information on a topic in my letters to the editor, referenced from primary research reports.  This letter is different.  It is my opinion, but I think it is well substantiated in the evidence.  

Our present County Board of Commissioners have deliberately and methodically dismantled significant regulatory safeguards and fired or harassed the people who enforced them.  They have endangered the public health by appointments and standards that deny the best available public health evidence.  Now they are dismantling the voting systems that underlie free and fair elections.

We need elected officials who seek office in order to serve the public and to solve problems, not to implement narrow ideological agendas and settle personal vendettas.  There are plenty of problems to address including drought, environmental health, and toxic politics among many others.  I don’t see much hope that the sitting Commission is capable.  

Bob Dorsett, M.D.


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