Letter: Small-town caring shines through again

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Once again tragedy has struck this small town we call home. Seems like all we hear or pay attention to are the problems, arguments and disagreements that are the latest topics of conversation in the coffee shops and in the paper. All of which seem very important and sometimes all-consuming at the time. What we don’t always see or pay attention to are the caring individuals that make up our town.
Jan. 19 started like most any other winter day, cool temperatures, a little snow falling and then the phone call came. “The sirens were for a car accident not far from town,” the voice said. Not so unusual, especially on a day like that, right? The trembling voice continued on, “It was Vanessa and the kids.” The tragedy — the vehicle contained a young family, a mother, a daughter and a young son — all never to be the same again.
The phone calls started moving through town. Have you heard? What do you know? Did you know them?
Not once did I hear a word about the justice center, taxes, national politics … just the caring of a small town for a young family, most of which didn’t even know their names but cared just the same. One short phone call puts your life in perspective. What is truly important and what is really petty in comparison.
The problem with living in a small town — everyone knows your business.
The best thing about living in a small town — everyone knows you and cares.
I’m so proud to be a part of a community like this. And though the family may not realize or even know for some time just how much behind-the-scenes support they had here, I hope we continue to be there for them and each other as we once again deal with loss.
Cindy Welle