Letter: State GOP subverting will of the people

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I am very disappointed in the Colorado Republican Party. They are ignoring the will of the Colorado Republican voters and choosing their own candidate in the governor’s race.
Our Colorado Primary was held in August and the voters chose Dan Maes as the Republican candidate for governor, but the Colorado Republican Party, rejected the people’s choice and picked their own candidate, Tom Tancredo, to run independently.
I am sure that Tom Tancredo is a good man, but if he wanted to be the governor he should have put in the time, money and effort to campaign for the job and win it fair and square.
The Republican machine seems to think that they know what is best, and it appears they believe that we the voters are incapable of making the right choice. Their actions are doing us all a great disservice. By ignoring the result of the primary election they are nullifying our votes.
I believe that by splitting the vote between Dan Maes and Tom Tancredo the Republican Party will effectively be giving the governorship to the Democratic candidate, John Hickenlooper,
Dan Maes is a grassroots candidate; he is not a millionaire or career politician. He needs the support of the Republican Party to be able to campaign effectively. By ignoring the will of the people the elite party leaders are hanging the people’s choice out to dry. While doing this they are demonstrating once again what is wrong with big government and career politicians.
I have sent a letter to Tom and asked him to withdraw. Please call Tom, Dan or the Colorado Republican party and let your voice be heard.
• Tom Tancredo at (303) 858-8336 or info@tancredoforgovernor-2010.org
• Dan Maes (303) 781-6237 or dan@danmaes.com
• Colorado Republican Party (303) 758-3333 or info@cologop.org
We must get this resolved before Nov. 2.
Lois Sampson