Letter: Substation concerns Meeker neighbors

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It has only recently been brought to the attention of some of us who live in Sage Hills that White River Electric has plans to begin construction of a power substation on Sulphur Creek Road directly across from the entrance into the subdivision. This is of great concern to those of us who would live near it. While it is a debated issue, there is enough evidence to warrant concern over the danger the EMF (electromagnetic field) might pose to those who live in the proximity. A simple Internet search on “is EMF dangerous” is most enlightening.
Of course, the health risks are only one concern. There is also the loud “hum” that emanates from these installations, not to mention how it would mar the landscape. Sulphur Creek Road is one of the few scenic and quiet roads in Meeker that many people enjoy for walking, biking, or also use to exercise their pets. And if we may also add, another concern that makes us shudder is what this eyesore will do to the property values in Sage Hills.
We simply can’t help but believe with the wide-open country we live in, there couldn’t be found a more suitable spot that would be less visible and away from a residential area and was wondering if others that enjoy Sulphur Creek Road are aware of what is transpiring and are in favor of it. We’ve always understood that we, as customers of WREA, are “owners” and have somewhat of a voice in the way it operates. Hopefully, that is true and more consideration will be given to this project before it is too late, as it is our understanding that construction is due to begin next month.
The Watsons and the Kurzeikas