Letter: Taking pride in Rangely community

Have you noticed the wonderful clean streets? Have you noticed the beautiful flowers up and down Main Street? Have you noticed the pride that is now being displayed with regard to property in Rangely? This is wonderful. Have you noticed the striping on the parking lots done by a local person here in Rangely? All of this adds to the betterment of the community. All of this shows pride in our community to others. This is truly important.
My thanks to our Town Manager Peter Brixius, who directs the town employees. Thanks to the town council for their policy to enforce their ordinances. Special thanks to all of those employee’s involved in what I call a “Major Clean Up Policy for Rangely.” Keep up the good work!
Before long anyone driving any of Rangely streets will be able to see the pride in this community with regard to property and how well everyone takes care of their own. While some have a problem with code enforcement with regard to cleaning up our community, many of us appreciate getting our community looking beautiful for not only ourselves but anyone looking to locate or visit this wonderful community.
I recently had someone comment “This is not the Rangely I grew up in. It is wonderful to see all the trees and flowers up and down Main Street.” This was someone who lived here for many years but now lives elsewhere. This person was here for a few short days. However, they definitely noticed a positive difference in the community. The hard work of many pays off for the total community.
Thanks to all of you at the town for instilling pride in our wonderful community!
Peggy Rector