Letter: Tea Party represents old-fashioned values

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I read with interest the letter from Mr. Kuhn printed in the May paper.
I understand how Mr. Kuhn might feel confused. I believe that these are confusing times, and there are certainly quite a few circumstances that I don’t understand.
I personally don’t understand how those who came to office on a platform of transparency can now be so secretive. I don’t understand how those who avow to represent the will of the people, can so blatantly disregard the will of the people. I don’t understand how those who are sworn to uphold the laws of the land, can choose to personally disobey them. I don’t understand how those who profess fiscal responsibility, can be so obviously profligate with public revenue. I don’t understand how loyalty to country, and fellow countrymen, can count so little in conversations with foreign leaders. I don’t understand how the supposed rights of aliens and criminals can supersede the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of law abiding citizens.
In contrast, I find the Tea Party and its principles, straightforward and very easy to understand. The lifestyles, careers, cultures and political preferences of members may vary greatly, but they share a common mission. Most members embrace old-fashioned values. They respect God, family and country. They advocate adherence to the Constitution of the United States and support members of the military wherever they are sent to serve. They have a deep gratitude for the freedoms that we all enjoy, a very great desire for their continuance, and are willing to push to ensure those freedoms for future generations.
Evelyn Ott