Letter: Thank you, Rangely

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you.
To Dr. Cameron and her team. Bernie Rice (you know what you mean to me), the ambulance crew, officers, Melody, Frank Huitt (you are an awesome person). To the pallbearers: Chris Dyess, Jeff LeBleu, Jerry LeBleu Jr., Randy Stewart, Bernie Rice and Mark Skelton. Each one of you had a special place in Lynea’s heart and have a special place in mine. Thank you. My hat is off to my boys. You guys are just awesome and I love you very much. For my family who was/is there for me.
To all of you who helped in some way, You know who you are. For all the food, cards, phone calls, hugs and kind words, thank you. Brother Whiston, brother Dave Morton and my Dad. You guys did a wonderful job! Jackie Kenny Potthoff, what a great friend! Karen Reed, thank you so much for playing the piano. Great job!
Thank you to all the ones I may have forgotten. Or maybe didn’t know, thank you!
Jeff, you did an absolutely fabulous job with the article. Thank you.
I would like to commend the high school students for the memorial you put together. Lynea would have been proud. And to the staff that worked hard to help them get it together, I would like to say thank you for allowing the students to do it their way.
It is so wonderful to live in a place where people can come together when a neighbor has a need. Thank you to all. What you have done will never be forgotten.
Rhonda Tucker