Letter: Thanks from Fair Board

Dear Editor:

The indoor open show consists of nine departments and has in excess of 25 volunteers who are either superintendents or assistants. This year 700 entries were presented for the public to appreciate.

Vicky and Kaye are fairly new to their positions, but handled both the horticulture and flowers departments by relying on common sense and support people.

Iris and Jean can tag team in the foods department, with one a prior extension agent and one with tons of experience in 4-H. Do you know the difference between hot water bath and pressure canning processes? Just ask these supers! Their assistants are quickly picking how judging depends on their skills.

The needlework and sewing department has co-superintendents Linda and Jan. This big department has a very in-depth crew of assistants. All of them understand the time it takes to make these creations and how to best present each exhibit to a judge.

Karen and Mary have been involved for decades. Both were 4-H sewing leaders and meet each question in Hobbies with insight as both are very crafty people!

Being a three-generation department is quite an accomplishment as Soni involves her mom Dorothy, and daughter Kelli. Art roots run deep in this family and Soni’s assistant, Cindy, enjoys art as well.

Photography is a complex department. There is an eclectic mix of old school 35mm and new age cell phone photos. Karen, Pam, Jennie and Lois filled these posts with hearts ready to fill all the needs.

The booths department and the wool fleece department are also of public interest. Though small in exhibits, lots of people enjoy seeing what is offered in both departments.

Our unsung hero of the indoor show open show is over-all superintendent Stephanie.  She makes sure all department superintendents have what they need and can answer a million questions. When all judges are done, the paperwork and exhibit arranging goes smoothly, right down to the check-out and pick up at the end of the fair.

We have to give a big shout-out to Janae, Talia, Cassie, Karla and Kelli for their expertise with the computer work at registration and check-in. To Karla, Inge, Boyd and Tonya for their patience and calmness in all the storms. And a big bang to Linda, our new extension agent who is still standing even with all the new things she faced head-on. Welcome to Rio Blanco County, Linda!

The 2019 fair is in the books. Next year will be the 99th year for our fair.  Thank you all who endeavored to make this year’s fair successful, memorable  and enjoyable.

RBC Fair Board