Letter: Thanks from MES students

Dear Editor:

The students at Meeker Elementary School would like to say a heartfelt thank you! We raised over $6,000 to help our sister school in Ghana buy computers. We will begin working with them in January and we are very excited! All of the kids and teachers helped and the wonderful people of Meeker came to shop! We would like to send a special thank you to the businesses who were so generous: Watt’s Ranch Market, Nana Goose, Wendll’s, Meeker Drugs, Outfitters, Blanco Cellars, the Meeker Herald, Diane’s Framing, Jenna’s Tea Shop, Rimrock Campground, Meeker Public Library, photographer Kelsey Peters, artist Ben Quinn and author Dolly Viscardi. Thank you, also to Aubrey Walsh and the OneSeed foundation for giving us this opportunity. 

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The grateful students at Meeker Elementary School

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