Letter to the Editor: Aghast over plan for old elementary school

Dear Editor:
Addressing the article on the Rio Blanco County Commissioners published in the local newspaper on Aug. 22, I was simply aghast to read of their plans and or ideas (regarding the old Meeker elementary school).
It seems that the commissioners are going ahead with their original plan of building a justice center downtown in the center of Meeker.
I am against the idea of a justice center downtown, period.
I am not opposed to building a justice center in Meeker, but I am with the idea of downtown. That is just not what Meeker is all about.
The other ideas presented seem in keeping with the atmosphere of our town and the quality of life we all desire.
The presence of a justice center and the impending noise, dust and traffic involved with building such a project is certainly disturbing, and not only to just the neighbors involved. Not to mention the ugliness that the need of security entails.
I have seen the looks of several justice centers around the country, and none of them are attractive, i.e. with little or no windows.
I just think our county commissioners need to consider the desires of the majority of the public. Why can’t this be put to a vote?
I have never witnessed jail population bringing desirable money into any community. If this project takes place, it should be out of the center of town.
I suggest the county administration move into the old elementary school building to be convenient to the other county entities. More downtown parking could be added where the play yard exists.
The grounds in front of the building could be planted with trees, fountains, benches, brick paver walkways and, in general, be added to the gathering places for all the fun community events we have in Meeker.
Lois Williams