Letter to the Editor: Buford Fish Fry was a huge success

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Dear Editor:
The 2014 White River Community Association’s Fish Fry this past Saturday was a tremendous success. With the help of some very dedicated folks, we were able to serve crispy fried white fish and delicious side dishes to about 250 attendees.

Young and old alike enjoyed being part of this annual fundraiser.
There are too many to name individually, but we extend thanks to the Rio Blanco Herald Times for the wonderful articles and photographs about the Buford School and what this association is all about.
It’s not about a Buy/Fly Fishing Tournament that we host annually in March to catch white fish; it’s not about our annual fish fry. It’s about community.
Straight from the by-laws of this association is our objective, which is “to preserve the Buford School and its history, promote friendship and cooperation among the community members and endeavor to make our community a better place to live.”
This historic venue has been hosting community get-togethers for 45 years.
The school is located just off our scenic byway, County Road 8, and not nearly as far out of town as you might think, given the beautiful drive and potential for viewing wildlife along the White River on your way.
For those that may not realize it, the White River Community Association is open to anyone. It’s not a “club.” It is a community association.
Dues are minimal and rewards are there to be enjoyed; rewards of friendship, community camaraderie, fellowship and sharing.
We meet monthly, starting in November, and ending with our fish fry each June.
There are also some special events that happen in July and August.
This year, with the help of the Rio Blanco County Historical Society joining forces with the ERBM Parks and Recreation District, on July 31 there will be a field trip for participants up to Buford to experience what it was like to go to a rural one-room school. This event is called “History in Your Backyard” and details are available through the historical society or the recreation center.
There will also be a yard sale at the Buford School, open for anyone to participate. For details watch the Herald Times for information or contact WRCA member Marie Haskett at 970-878-4749.
August promises to be a fun time with a square dance in the works. Details will follow later, and we will be sure to put the word out.
Our meetings, which begin in November, will consist of potluck meals followed by a monthly program such as line dancing, bingo or other games, fascinating historical presentations, Texas Hold ‘Em and the like.
The “meeting” part will be short, and the rest of the program will be utilizing the Buford School as it has been designated by its members: such as making our community a better place to live.
We welcome you to come to a meeting as our guest. If you have ideas about future events at the Buford School, just let us know. We’d love to hear from you.
Lastly, but certainly not least, I want to express a huge thank you to all who helped make the fish fry a success; those who prepared the meal and those that attended to enjoy it. It’s all part of being “community.”
Jeanne Horne
White River Community Association