Letter to the Editor: Disgruntled, but always a fan

Dear Editor:
To whom it may concern affiliated with the NFL: I have been a football fan big-time for a long, long time and being a Denver native, the Broncos are number one team in my book and I will always be a big fan.
That said, my feelings about your “STRIKE.” First, I resent the fact that we have the millionaires arguing with billionaires over how to split up the fans’ money.
That’s right, it is the fans’ money you are divvying up cause that is where the money comes from, the fans!
I am now 75 years old and live on the west slope, so just getting to the stadium is a costly thing for me. But if I still lived in the Denver area I would never be able to attend a game at the Mile High stadium I live on Social Security, so a hundred dollar bill is a month’s supply of food and other necessities for me and I doubt I could attend a game for a hundred bucks in today’s economy, so I will not be going to any games in person. And since I don’t think the NFL is treating the fans with any respect, I will not spend a dime as a fan again.
Oh sure, I’ll watch on TV and root for the Broncos as always but I won’t be buying any T-shirts, pj’s, shorts, etc., anymore.
Ed Ballegeer