Letter to the Editor: Don’t destroy economies in the name of climate change

Dear Editor:
Strong contrasting views on human caused global warming (HCGW) exist as expressed in Joseph Newman’s letter printed in the May 14 issue of the Herald Times and in my earlier letter. My views are swayed by the many predictions of world-ending catastrophes that didn’t happen during my 91 years.

Ever heard of the “end of the world” being predicted?
Coining the acronym HCGW was necessary due to confusion created by proponents of “global warming” suddenly changing the name to “climate change” without separating natural influences from those caused by humans.
We “deniers” are dismissed by the so-called scientific community because of not being members of the “educated world”.
Patrick Moore, a Ph.D. and founder of Greenpeace, has been a leader of international environmentalism for more than 40 years and is now a “denier.” What does the “educated world” think of that? Many other scientists have followed his lead.
Climate is constantly changing and has for millions of years. Impacts from human activities should be reduced in any reasonable way, but not at the expense of destroying the economies of the poorest countries of our world.
Dick Prosence