Letter to the Editor: Don’t get caught sleeping on this one

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Dear Editor:
Meeker, let’s not sleep on this one!
It was exciting to know that so many people in Meeker attended a meeting in support of the proposed cell tower. It’s easy to show up to complain; sometimes we forget that it’s important to give a pat on the back.
I have been following this economic thought to bring a more level financial base to Meeker. As with planting a tree, the best time would have been 30 years ago or the best time is today. So let’s move on it! As we think about our economic base and know that the hospital has made the decision to move out to the east side of the airport, they are now another player in how we as a community should spend our tax dollars.
The reason for this letter is to present the thought that as a community, we need to be aware of how our tax dollars are being spent by the boards we elect to take care of those dollars. The hospital has made the decision to go east of the airport at an approximate infrastructure (water and sewer) cost of $3.5 million for some “free” land—excluding any building costs. The next best option was to pay for land at a cost of approximately 15-20 percent or $700,000, of the infrastructure costs on the before mentioned “free” land. This second option has water and sewer lines already in the area. If anyone has more accurate information, please step forward and educate us.
The reason we should not sleep on this one is that as the hospital makes this move without the involvement of the rest of the community, they will use our tax dollars to serve only themselves. They will install infrastructure (water and sewer) to take care of their needs only. If we as taxpayers want to extend infrastructure to Curtis Creek or County Road 15 for the financial health of our community, the hospital infrastructure would be inadequate. It is important to think about infrastructure for the entire community, not just the hospital.
Not only are our tax dollars being spent to benefit just the hospital and not the whole community, but our personal costs will also go up as we drive further out of town to see the doctors and utilize the hospital. Employees’ costs will also go up as they have to drive further every day to go to work.
As many of you know we worked hard and used common sense to make a business successful over 30 plus years. In our community, in my opinion, this is not a good investment. Meeker has grown at a rate of about 10 percent over the last 45 years. Are we going to grow more than 10 percent in the next 45 years? We leave a large gap between town and the proposed new hospital. If all of the various tax boards would get involved to extend the infrastructure to accommodate the whole area to the city limit line then we as citizens would benefit for future grow to see our town grow.
Do we realize how fast we must think and act before the hospital runs over us with our own tax dollars!
Gerald and Twila Morris