Letter to the Editor: Halandras urges vote for incumbents on fire board

Dear Editor:
I would like to provide the public with some information regarding the candidates prior to the Meeker Fire Board election.

David Luzmoor has spent a great deal of time over the past few months at the fire department and has attended several board meetings. While I appreciate his diligence, I am disappointed in his behavior.
Luzmoor has written multiple emails to the board, all of which were negative, critical and at times somewhat threatening. Our board chair recently received a full page type-written letter from Mr. Luzmoor that was not only critical in nature, but threatening as well.
At one point in this letter he stated: “For your sake I hope Doug and/or Sherri are not re-elected with Dave Cole or Dave Luzmoor. If that occurs there is going to be some fierce infighting in your board meetings.” Is this someone you would want to serve on any board?
David Cole is well known in the community and has been involved in many community activities. He is well traveled and knowledgeable about many things. He has stated he wants to serve on the fire board in order to “serve the community.” However, Mr. Cole has no experience with the fire department and has made the statement that he didn’t realize the fire department was a tax district until he was approached to run for the board.
Jamie Cogswell currently is an EMT on the fire department and is a day care provider in her home.
The incumbents are as follows:
Doug Overton has spent the majority of his adult life as a fire department volunteer at every level. He started as a volunteer fireman, became an EMT and served as chief for many years. Doug has also served on the board of directors many times over the years. His wealth of knowledge regarding the fire department is invaluable.
Rick Dodds was previously a volunteer fireman on the department. Rick also worked closely with the fire department during his many years in law enforcement. Rick has been a dedicated board member for the past two years. While there is a huge learning curve regarding statutory rules for special districts, Rick has made every effort to learn these rules.
Sherri Halandras served as an EMT on the ambulance service for nearly 10 years as well as serving as the EMS (ambulance) director for four years prior to becoming an RN. Sherri was a member of the Emergency Medical Services Council for more than 10 years as well as being involved in the trauma system at the state level for many years. Sherri has been a dedicated fire board member for the past four years.
It is our concern and caring for this department and the dedicated volunteers that gives us the passion for what we do. We truly care about the well being of the department and the volunteers who want nothing but the best for this department and the community.
Have we made mistakes? There is a saying that goes something like this: “Show me a person who has never made a mistake and I’ll show you a person who has never made a decision.” That being said, I believe all any of us can do is learn from our mistakes and move forward.
Moving forward is what we would like to do. We are excited about the future of the department and we intend to do everything possible, with the help of the volunteers, to make this department the best that it can be.
The volunteers of the Meeker Fire Department have gone above and beyond for this community for more than 83 years and we would appreciate the opportunity to support them in every way.
Please cast your vote for the three incumbents: Doug Overton, Rick Dodds and Sherri Halandras.
Thank you for your support,
Sherri Halandras
Fire Board Member