Letter to the Editor: Kunkel family expresses thanks

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Dear Editor:
We, all, of Paul Kunkel’s family would like to publicly thank the remarkable staff members of the Walbridge Wing and Pioneers Hospital. You became Paul’s family for the last three years of his life. Besides professional care and concern, you offered him friendship, love, encouragement, dignity and humor. He felt at home with you.
Dr. Krueger’s upbeat visits and unique deliveries of good news and bad; Jean’s making sure Paul’s bird feeder was full; Gloria and Roxie keeping up the exercise regimen; RJ’s consistent good humor and care; Kris and Joy making PT more fun; all you nurses and CNAs at both the Wing and the hospital (Char, Clarise, Lisa, Theresa, Elizabeth, Laura, Ginnie, Carolyn, Phyllis, Amber, Kim, Caleb, and you of the night owl shift); Donna and Kristin; the food service and cleaning and maintenance folks; Dr. Tong, Bill Ertmer, Marilyn Cunningham and the other dedicated volunteers and especially Donna Torres for becoming Paul’s angel–you, all, and all you did, enriched Paul’s life and for that we will always be indebted.
Our thanks would not be complete without acknowledging Jim Riegel for offering his friendship to Paul, for the many truck and wheelchair rides, for the swimming pool outings and a trip or two down the slide, and for bringing out Paul’s outlaw and mischievous spirits.
With appreciation and thanks to you all,
Beverly, David, Gale, Jim, Marlene, Greg, Jit, Ben, Lisa, Erin and Danny, Brian, Lindsay and Dusty, Louis and Leslie, Byron, Aeh, and Clorisa.
The Kunkel Family