Letter to the Editor: Let’s talk codes

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Dear Editor:

Codes are the product of or the outcome of circumstance. For example, people died in a basement fire; there was no way for them to get out, so for safety let’s put in egress windows. Perhaps people have stumbled on a staircase time and again, why? One rise is one inch taller than all the rest, for safety let’s say riser height cannot deviate more than so much. This roof fell in; the snow load area is 60 pounds and this ungraded rafter was over span. Now like the 66 book manual for my life I can know about it, or not. I can ignore it or I can rebel against it. Does that mean instruction is not there?

If I don’t build to at least the code I am as obstinate as when my mom told me not to touch a hot stove and I did it anyway, the consequence is mine. If I don’t know, it is my responsibility to do the homework to find the answer. Having someone educated and available to give me instruction in the building process is valuable.

Now do we want codes to be regulator subject the government is in charge of, I think no. Privatize residential inspections!

Jerry Belland