Letter to the Editor: Level playing field for local businesses

Dear Editor:
This is an open letter of opinion to the businesses, organizations and diverse groups in Rio Blanco County.
As we all struggle to make ends meet and control our budgets to be fiscally responsible, it is even more important to circulate our business and monies within our communities. The focus of my concern is the solicitation and awarding of special events and/or catering business to a qualified merchant or business owner.
In particular, regarding food service events, it has become apparent that a number of events have been awarded to out-of-community merchants.
As members of the Rio Blanco community and Town of Meeker, we do not expect to receive preferential treatment in regard to these events. We certainly appreciate the opportunity to participate in the bidding process and are thankful for any business we may receive.
What we would like for everyone to understand is that a level and equal playing field is what anyone should expect.
We would like to list some important qualifications to be requested of any organization or individual bidding on a food service event:
♦ Liability Insurance Policy (in effect)
♦ Workers Compensation
♦ Sales Tax License
♦ Food Service and Compliance Inspection Report (current)
♦ Member of Meeker Chamber Commerce
With these requirements satisfied, we will begin to level the playing field and not just look at the least expensive options.
If anyone has any questions, please contact Henry at Ma Famiglia Restaurant (878-4141).
Henry Arcolesse