Letter to the Editor: Man from Meeker made my day

Dear Editor:
My motorcycle trip last week could have been much briefer if it wasn’t for local Dale Lloyd. In my haste to go for a ride I discovered I had left my wallet at home.

This was after I had a cold shake and a waffle at the Meeker Drug soda counter!
I could have been washing dishes.
However, sitting next to me was Dale Lloyd, who recently retired from phone company, as he had shared in our visiting. Dale offered to pay for my food and on top of that when I said I guess I better get back to Silt sans wallet, he offered up some gas money too so that I wouldn’t be out of a ride that fine day.
Wow! I truly felt the gift of kindness and generosity and small town friendliness Dale offered me that day.
My ride to Baggs and back to Silt was one I will always remember. And I look forward to paying it forward, whenever that moment comes along.
A heartfelt thanks, Dale Lloyd, “the phone guy.”
Mark Rinehart