Letter to the Editor: MHS track, football field update

Dear Editor:
A week ago, the Meeker Eduction Foundation sent the following information to all those who had donated to the Meeker high school track/football field project. Some folks, who didn’t receive the letter, were confused by last week’s article, and we hope the following will answer their questions.

If anyone wants more details, they’re welcome to call 878-5362 or email the Meeker Education Foundation at meekeredfoundation@gmail.com.
On Feb. 23, the Meeker Education Foundation Board of Directors was able to give donors an update on the project, and it happily reported we were hopefully optimistic. Another Great Outdoors Colorado LPOR grant application was submitted this Wednesday
Go Colorado (GOCO) has urged the Meeker School District and the ERBM Recreation and Park District community partnership not to sit out a cycle and lose momentum; the issues which kept the last application “out of the winner’s circle” have been resolved and new data has been identified through the ERBM, which significantly strengthens the application—all good indicators.
The project will start immediately if a grant award is received in mid-June.
The engineering/design work will start in March and bid packets will go out as soon as possible. Bids will be awarded in May contingent on receiving GOCO funding.
The facility continues to disintegrate, which exacerbates student athlete/user safety problems and school district liability concerns. This, of course, lends urgency to the completion of the project.
Another important consideration is the need for good stewardship of Starbuck Stadium. It represents a significant taxpayer asset. To be able to complete phase I of its renewal with private donations and other dollars which legally can’t go into our academic classrooms makes this a win-win endeavor.
Our letter to donors was our first opportunity to give definitive information on the project’s future because ERBM’s resolution and other documents had to be confirmed and updated for 2015. Please watch the foundation’s website and Facebook page for continuing news.
Mary Strang, President
Meeker Education Foundation