Letter to the Editor: Might makes right

Dear Editor:
A resolution was recently passed by the Denver City Council taking the position against a potential nation enhancing oil shale industry from using any Colorado water to extract oil. The council’s position was supported in their final vote of seven “yes,” two “no” and two “abstain.”
This position, this thinking, issues the feeling that the council speaks from a God-given position of full correctness-how dare there be any other side but this.
I am offended. I am wounded. Big brother is way off base. Would the Denver City Council be equally as protective of the adolescent Western Slope if the scenario was one where the nation came in and usurped all the local area to extract oil from the rock? No! Their position would probably be “how can little brother be so pretentious to oppose what is for the national good?”
I suppose the council’s claim to any extra water, if there is such a prize, is substantiated by the need for more green lawns and golf courses and cheap water. Or maybe it is the concept “that might makes right” or that “one man equals one vote.” After all that is the democratic way, isn’t it?
Why are present royalties, severance taxes and other revenues, all spin-offs from existing mineral extraction industries in Western Colorado being used by mighty Denver even before our share is sent to us? Undoubtedly for “our own good,” am I correct?
Let us look at this scenario: in the future when water gets real short and Colorado river water is usurped by California and Arizona because there are more of them than us-what happens then? Please remember, it is the democratic way? Whose side will big brother be on then?
Somehow big Denver City Council’s position reminds me of a present situation that I and my community, Meeker, find ourselves in: the Denver Post cannot be delivered to our homes on a daily basis because the bottom line is unfavorable to this sacred institution. Only the Sunday paper could be delivered for the same amount of fees. There wasn’t much that we could do about that either, after all-might makes right.
Gus R. Halandras