Letter to the Editor: New blood needed on Meeker school board

Dear Editor:

It has come to my attention that we have school board members coming up for reelection. Hopefully, we will have some young parents that will be willing to take their valuable time to run against two of these current board members. These are good people but I feel it is time for new blood and wish there were term limits to the school board. I am surprised that they haven’t said that they have served long enough and step down and then the board would have to seek new members. I wish that the ballot would say “should they be retained?” When you have no one running against them, they automatically get back in. They are our neighbors and friends and it becomes quite awkward to run against them and retain a good relationship. The last election there were several qualified and interested people that put in their application but we all knew who would get the seat. The president of the board was constantly taking one person out to lunch and we all knew it was a done deal. That new member is well-respected and liked BUT was hand-picked. Granted, I have not put my name in the hat because I am not here all the time but certainly pay enough school taxes. After the new problems with the multimillion dollar new school I hope the parents and taxpayers of Meeker will think if any of these people should be back on the board. The contractor they hired did not have a spotless record and how many bids did they look at, did they even put it up for bid? Why won’t they tell us why we lost the last superintendent, when he was willing to share with the public what the problem was. We are paying his severance package so we have the right to know. Makes me think that something wasn’t quite right with the board. Think it is time to clean house and hopefully we can get new names in there and not have relatives taking their place. Thanks for your time.S.L. JohnsonMeeker