Letter to the Editor: No name-calling among protestors

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I would like to take this opportunity to respond to Michelle Hale’s letter to the editor.
Ms. Hale, I am one of those parents you have accused of being a racist. I can assure you my reasons for keeping my children out of the address had nothing to do with race. I can tell you I’m not a racist; however, I’m fast becoming prejudiced against you and people like you. Let me also assure you when I made the decision to keep my children out of the address, I made no disparaging remarks about the president. Unlike you, just because I disagree with a president’s ideologies, I am able to do so without resorting to name calling. The reason I kept my children out of the address has everything to do with my personal convictions.
So let me guess what the topic of your next letter will be, “fear of violence.” Hope you were taking notes when the speaker of the house was crying about that last week. So, I guess if we disagree with this president’s policies we should all fear being labeled “violent racists.” Ms. Hale, President Obama is not the black president, he’s the president. This is America, and as you well know, the president can be praised, criticized or protested.
I’m not sure what you have taught your children about respecting the office of the president, but I’m trying to teach my children the importance of freedom and liberty. Thankfully, both of which we still enjoy, for now.
Melissa Fellows