Letter to the Editor: Opposed to Colorado wolf reintroduction

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Dear Editor:
This is an open letter to Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper and members of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission.

I am a fourth-generation Colorado native with family roots that date to 1885 in Rio Blanco County. My family owned a ranch near Meeker until 1966 and raised cattle as well as wheat, barley and alfalfa.
The ranching operation utilized long-standing grazing permits on the White River National Forest near Ripple Creek for many decades.
My niece and her husband operate ranches on Piceance Creek and utilize grazing permits on federal lands. Their operations and all of those stock growers in Rio Blanco County would be adversely affected by the reintroduction of wolves on federal and state owned lands in Colorado.
My mother Elizabeth Delaney Amick’s family included prominent attorneys Frank Delaney and Robert Delaney. Robert Delaney founded the renowned Delaney and Balcomb law firm in Glenwood Springs.
Frank Delaney was intrinsically involved in developing the Upper Colorado River Compact for water adjudication and in writing the Taylor Grazing Act among other significant legal and legislative achievements.
Thanks very much for your careful consideration.
Robert D. Amick