Letter to the Editor: Paper apparently doesn’t care about Rangely

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LTE_FBpostDear Editor:
I realize how hard it must be to “please” everyone. I wish I could say your staff has done a great job representing Rangely and Meeker in your paper, but unfortunately I can’t do that when the bias is so clear on every page in the Herald Times and has been for years.

This week, it was our local 8-10-year-old old baseball champions that deserved better from you.
Yes, the article was great and I really appreciated it, but the article was not the issue. It was the picture of the team that was placed at the very bottom of the page and minimized to the point that no one could even make out the young boys faces. Why?
Maybe, the picture was a late entry and your staff didn’t have time to rearrange the layout of the sports page. I mean, the pictures of the Meeker color run and 30-something adults playing volleyball once a year is incredibly important and should take precedence over the young Rangely breed athletes. Correct?
I really hope in the future the Herald Times does a better job representing our town and our youth. We deserve it. But then again our town does start with an “R” and not an “M,” so perhaps I’m barking up the wrong tree.
Lindsay Blankenship