Letter to the Editor: Poole family grateful for community

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Dear Editor:
We are so thankful for the wonderful medical community of Rangely. Throughout the last few years of Julius’ life, he received excellent care from the Rangely District Hospital doctors, nurses, lab technicians, emergency/ambulance staff, Rangely Family Medicine Clinic and home health care providers.

Due to the nature of Julius’ illness, several individuals had unique opportunities to interact with him and his family. We appreciate the professionalism and thoughtfulness of the lab technicians, Kyle, Debbie, Christine and Chelsea each time we met them. Dr. Timothy Hsu went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure Julius was comfortable and always made time to make sure we all understood the stages he would experience for the remainder of his life. We have a very special thank you to send to Kim Cottrill and Ronda Worrall. Kim and Ronda both helped Julius to be able to stay in his home until he passed away. Ronda was a true blessing to Julius and our family the last week of his life as she selflessly offered not only her time and medical support, but even more importantly her comfort and counsel to each of us as we helped Julius on his final journey. We are forever grateful for the kindness and support of all of these people.
The Family of Julius Poole