Letter to the Editor: School not in horrible shape

Dear Editor:
I was at the meeting discussing the old Meeker Elementary School, and there were some suggestions in your article that made me wonder if you had ever taken the tour of the school and also called or written to ones who are professional about the asbestos situation.
No. 1 – The school is not in horrible shape.
No. 2 – Where did you get the millions of dollars to raze the building.
To raze the building would be double the cost. For not only would you be destroying a building, you still have to contain the asbestos, the stones would be damaged and, as it stands now, there is no upkeep on the exterior. Anytime you build, there should be upkeep, and that elementary building has not had the proper upkeep.
I am sure many of the citizens could and would come to agreements about the use of it.
Yes, assisted living, offices, conference rooms, etc. could and should come into play. Yes, we would need to get grants and efforts from the people. I have a lot of faith in our citizens.
The idea of extending the jail to the northeast corner of the courthouse is a good one.
History Colorado preservation planner Patrick Eidman gave voice to many small towns in Colorado that this was very successfully done.
I think the commissioners would be more than adequate for a plan to save the school.
Sally Wilson