Letter to the Editor: Septemberfest thanks attendees

Dear Editor:
Bigger and better every year has been the trend for Septemberfest.
This event is the largest community event held in Rangely and could never be pulled off without all the help and volunteering that you see from our community members.

The sponsors towards this event deserve a huge thank you, and we wouldn’t be able to do it without you: Giovanni’s Italian Grill, Rangely District Hospital, Silver Sage RV Park, WC Striegel, Rangely Rock Crawlers, LDS Church, Rangely Fire & Protection Department, Rangely True Value, CNCC Athletic Department, Elk’s Club, Nichols, Sodexo, Shell Oil, Rio Blanco Board of County Commissioners, Town of Rangely, Western Rio Blanco Rec and Park District and Ducco Inc.
This year was kicked off with a reptile exhibit at the high school which was sponsored by Brad and Michelle Casto at the Rangely Napa Store, the kids gathered in the auditorium to be amazed by the Reptile Reef, a big thank you for starting us off with a bang! Saturday we started the day with the 5K and Blue Mountain Half Marathon which the Rangely STUCCO and Recreation Crew got set up and ran with a few hiccups but everyone had a great time, so thank you to Diane Sizemore, Justyne Dembowski and Braylee Casavaugh for helping us make these events a success.
While the races are taking place, the golf course crew has to be thanked for setting and running the Dotson Memorial golf tournament.
Septemberfest then moved into the park with the bike rally which we have to thank the Rangely Police Department for a job well done on this event for many years—kids absolutely love this event.
Huge thank you to the Recreation Park staff for setting up the inflatables and the Bench Press Contest area. Both of these events are well attended and a great time for the community. Chili cook off this year was a complete turnaround from last year and we are hoping for more participation next year but thanks to Pat Harris for the delicious chili. The last event of the evening, which we are so pleased has become an annual event is the Buck N Bull Rodeo. Jed Moore and everyone involved make this event fantastic.
Sunday was a fun-filled day starting at the Rangely Museum with the Ice Cream Social, there was entertainment by Fiscus and Gravy and as always a lovely event. Thank you to the museum for your hard work.
The next events are growing rapidly and would be missing the mud aspect without the help of the Rangely Rural Fire Department, together the Muddy Dip N’ Dash and the Mud Tug O’ War has become epic!
Another returning event that has become popular with the crowd is the Sunday Evening Worship which is sponsored by the New Creations Church, so thank you to them for hosting this event.
The final and most eventful day of Septemberfest would never be possible without all the volunteers and dedicated community members that help us pull this event off.
Starting with the Rangely Rural Fire Department and the pancake breakfast, moving into the parade which Kirstin Cushman did an amazing job setting it up and huge shout out to Diane Sizemore for announcing this event for us. The parade leads you to Elk’s Park where you will find the craft fair that has something for everyone and was smaller but better this year, much appreciation goes to all the vendors that attended.
The highlight of Septemberfest and the most labor intensive to pull off is the BBQ in the park. There is no way this meal would be pulled off without the assistance of the Rector family. We are very grateful for such dedicated community members. Thank you to the Elks BPOE for their efforts in getting the BBQ pit ready and the 12 hours you dedicate to burning the wood. The Church of LDS serves the meal for us after the baseball team sets everything up and both are very important to the success.
Wow, did you see the car show this year that Jerry LeBleu and his gang pulled off; that was a car show for the books. Septemberfest ended with Charley Jenkins performing in the park for the second year in a row which was a perfect ending to a perfect weekend.
Thank you to everyone that not only contributed with pulling off Septemberfest but also a huge thanks to those who attended the festivities. Rangely truly is a great place to live!
Western Rio Blanco Metropolitan Recreation and Park District Board and Staff